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Rape, Rage and Outrage!!

She. Yes! She is the ‘unwanted’ one who sometimes gets murdered in the womb itself and is spared of seeing this atrocious world. She is the one who is considered burden by her family because apparently, her suitors won’t take her because of lack of dowry. She is the one who is stared at, drooled at, in public places. She is the one who is molested and gets vulgar comments from street loafers. She is the one who is instructed to reach home before it gets too dark. She is the one who gets beaten, lathi-charged at and labelled ‘feminist’ for raising voice for a woman she doesn’t even know. She is the one who is at receiving end of domestic violence and has to stay silent because, you see! onus of keeping the family intact lies with her. She is the one whose psyche is brutally beaten and raped directly or indirectly zillions of times without being reported. She is the one whose individuality is smothered by ‘his’ masculinity. Come what may, in all the equations, it is she who loses always.

Yesterday night, as her life was hanging in balance, with all my strength, I was hoping that she makes it through. But by morning, the news arrived that she didn’t. So, Congratulations! Well done India! She finally succumbed to our apathy, insensitivity and ‘rape culture’. Hoping against the hope, I hope this unfortunate incident catalyzes the awakening for the country too.

 It is important for us to reflect and introspect, what has really brought us to this juncture? I thought a lot, but all I got was the myriad of unanswered questions!


Where has our parenting, something which we ‘Indians’ were so proud of, gone wrong? What values have parents, especially mothers instilled in their ladlas?

What has gone wrong with our education system? Why don’t we teach our kids about gender equity ? Respecting Women, is this concept alien to our civilization? Is this the same country where women are worshiped in the form of ‘Durga’ and ‘Shakti’?

Why does our Cinema portrays our women as sex objects and stereotypes the image of woman? If cinema is the reflection of society, then is this what our society represents?

When did we, as a society became so insensitive towards a crime so gruesome, so inhuman that it obliterates the very identity of victim and allowed a precious life to be piece of statistics for us?

Since when did asking uncomfortable question to those who are vested with power became crime in itself? And Why do we elect them if they are so unaware of the ground realities?

If our legal and judicial constructs not powerful enough to punish the guilty within reasonable period of time then why can’t we amend our laws and effectively implement those which are presently available? Why are we making ourselves a laughing stock before the world? Why are we getting marginalized on our own soil? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes?

This is one crime where burden of proving the guilt, and the aftermath lies singularly with the victim. Why this Stigma? Why is she the one who is scarred? Why don’t they you shame the perpetrators? Why can’t she have dignified life afterwards? Is she not the survivor?

Instead of addressing the issue at fore, Why does our political class engage in non nonsensical verbiage? Recent ‘Dented-Painted’ comment attracted widespread criticism. Our legislators, can’t they feel the pulse of the nation? How will ‘shooting the messenger’ help?

Why does it always boils down to how she was dressed? What she was doing there? Why set yardstick for her behavior? Why assassinate her character always?Is she not somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister? Why doesn’t ‘for once’ ‘He’ comes into picture? 

Why do we allow so much corruption in our Law Enforcement agencies? Why does she pays the price for this power nexus? Police forces, who were there to control the protest, where were they when the untoward incident happened?

How could perpetrators of such crime, those who shamed humanity, get amnesty from highest echelons of power on earlier occasions?

How can we allow capital of this country, a heritage city, to be known for ‘rapes’?

What are we waiting for?

Answers? ……. Anyone?

Jai Hind!


A Feminist Bitch.


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