Rape, Rage and Outrage!!

28 Dec

She. Yes! She is the ‘unwanted’ one who sometimes gets murdered in the womb itself and is spared of seeing this atrocious world. She is the one who is considered burden by her family because apparently, her suitors won’t take her because of lack of dowry. She is the one who is stared at, drooled at, in public places. She is the one who is molested and gets vulgar comments from street loafers. She is the one who is instructed to reach home before it gets too dark. She is the one who gets beaten, lathi-charged at and labelled ‘feminist’ for raising voice for a woman she doesn’t even know. She is the one who is at receiving end of domestic violence and has to stay silent because, you see! onus of keeping the family intact lies with her. She is the one whose psyche is brutally beaten and raped directly or indirectly zillions of times without being reported. She is the one whose individuality is smothered by ‘his’ masculinity. Come what may, in all the equations, it is she who loses always.

Yesterday night, as her life was hanging in balance, with all my strength, I was hoping that she makes it through. But by morning, the news arrived that she didn’t. So, Congratulations! Well done India! She finally succumbed to our apathy, insensitivity and ‘rape culture’. Hoping against the hope, I hope this unfortunate incident catalyzes the awakening for the country too.

 It is important for us to reflect and introspect, what has really brought us to this juncture? I thought a lot, but all I got was the myriad of unanswered questions!


Where has our parenting, something which we ‘Indians’ were so proud of, gone wrong? What values have parents, especially mothers instilled in their ladlas?

What has gone wrong with our education system? Why don’t we teach our kids about gender equity ? Respecting Women, is this concept alien to our civilization? Is this the same country where women are worshiped in the form of ‘Durga’ and ‘Shakti’?

Why does our Cinema portrays our women as sex objects and stereotypes the image of woman? If cinema is the reflection of society, then is this what our society represents?

When did we, as a society became so insensitive towards a crime so gruesome, so inhuman that it obliterates the very identity of victim and allowed a precious life to be piece of statistics for us?

Since when did asking uncomfortable question to those who are vested with power became crime in itself? And Why do we elect them if they are so unaware of the ground realities?

If our legal and judicial constructs not powerful enough to punish the guilty within reasonable period of time then why can’t we amend our laws and effectively implement those which are presently available? Why are we making ourselves a laughing stock before the world? Why are we getting marginalized on our own soil? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes?

This is one crime where burden of proving the guilt, and the aftermath lies singularly with the victim. Why this Stigma? Why is she the one who is scarred? Why don’t they you shame the perpetrators? Why can’t she have dignified life afterwards? Is she not the survivor?

Instead of addressing the issue at fore, Why does our political class engage in non nonsensical verbiage? Recent ‘Dented-Painted’ comment attracted widespread criticism. Our legislators, can’t they feel the pulse of the nation? How will ‘shooting the messenger’ help?

Why does it always boils down to how she was dressed? What she was doing there? Why set yardstick for her behavior? Why assassinate her character always?Is she not somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister? Why doesn’t ‘for once’ ‘He’ comes into picture? 

Why do we allow so much corruption in our Law Enforcement agencies? Why does she pays the price for this power nexus? Police forces, who were there to control the protest, where were they when the untoward incident happened?

How could perpetrators of such crime, those who shamed humanity, get amnesty from highest echelons of power on earlier occasions?

How can we allow capital of this country, a heritage city, to be known for ‘rapes’?

What are we waiting for?

Answers? ……. Anyone?

Jai Hind!


A Feminist Bitch.


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15 responses to “Rape, Rage and Outrage!!

  1. Mohamed Ali Kizer

    December 28, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Great post as usual. This time its more of an emotional outburst. No doubt the incident triggers the hardcore emotions in everyone. The questions raised hit a nail on heads of every responsible citizen . But the answers lie in deeper analysis of social,cultural and judicial systems in the country. India is diverse, so does its culture in every nook and corner. Should analyze why a particular region is more prone to such extremities and take stringent action to avoid it in future.

    Prayers for the girl to get well soon. Hope no such things happen in the capital city again. God Bless

  2. Mohamed Ali Kizer

    December 28, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Black day. The girl dies in Singapore hospital. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. Pratik Singh

    December 29, 2012 at 1:15 am

    I have no words. You have written them all.
    It all boils down to where the vicious circle of blame and spiral of questions can be broken and more importantly, by whom.

    It is unfortunate that it took yet another innocent life to catalyze what I hope is a sustained movement. May her soul rest in peace, and may her family and friends find solace.

  4. raju bhuyan

    December 29, 2012 at 3:08 am

    It is jst one case..scared to imagine thousand of cases left unreported due to social dogma and fear of becoming socially outcast…
    Law is one point bt more important as u said is the parenting…i cant commit such a heinous act coz my parents never let me to feel abt a woman like tat..if every parent does the same India will b a safe country again..
    Dont be so pessimistic..when lakhs of people come and sympathise with her which was never seen before,when common man are raising their voices out of anger and frustration and when politicians are grilled in tv interview and made accountable then u can think change is coming…u jst need not to lose ur hope and be ready to be part of the force to make the change..ffrustration

  5. Prachi Chandrakar

    December 29, 2012 at 6:07 am

    U said it all here…
    time for a change… no1 is going to do it fr “her”
    She has to rise n take all she deserves, without begging fr permission or approval.
    How I wish she had lived……

  6. Basu

    December 29, 2012 at 6:13 am

    Call me cynical, but then i don’t believe we really had any respect any day for women. We, as a nation, are hypocrites. All our invective are directed towards our dear mothers and sisters and then the next moment we are so proud to have idolized ‘Shakti’ and ‘Durga’ as our Goddess. We, as a nation, are very clever as well. Our ‘Sati’s are ‘selfless, pious’ ladies who are supposed to take all the bashing their godly ‘husbands and families’ have to offer them, so that we can point our fingers to our wives, daughters and sisters and control how they live, where they go, what they wear. It’s funny how we males actually perceived and defined our ‘ideal’ woman.
    Now, straight to the phenomenon of Rape. We actually ostracize the VICTIM and her family. Our films, at times, proudly portray rapists atoning for their ‘mistake’ by marrying the victim, and we, as audience, are happy with the resolution. I understand, we are not the most rational nation alive. But then, I still wonder how a population of 1.2 billion actually live through such hideousness. Our judiciary, as it stands today, is somehow a reflection of our own values and judgement as a society.
    We suddenly see us protesting, which is good, indeed. But I’m afraid, htis alone won’t be enough to unsettle the deep rooted epidemic we have been suffering from since time immemorial.
    Your questions, my friend, I’m afraid, will remain unanswered. Coz our very thought process is infected long back.

  7. uzzwal

    December 29, 2012 at 7:10 am

    its clear and evident that we need to change the process and the perspective at large . well presented . now its important for us to come loud and clear and make efforts to make CHANGES WITHIN !!

  8. Vaibhav Varshney

    December 29, 2012 at 7:42 am

    This is more like an overflow of emotional outrage rather than channelized thoughts. But I respect your thoughts and resulting outrage at this point of time as every other Indian with humanity still left somewhere, although diminishing, considering how inhuman we are becoming day by day.

    I believe this is not only the case of disrespect of women in the eyes of men but also malignity of humanity altogether. This is the outcome of what we are breeding in our society. This is a collective failure of humans to bring up a society worth living in. If you still feel this is related to masculinity or feminism, I believe you are completely wrong. I am not gender biasing here neither I am in favour of it, rather against. But have you ever asked these questions yourself, why a mother still distinguishes between a boy and girl child? Why a woman converts into a “daayan” in several cases of dowry or domestic violence, that too against a woman? Why we can’t accept a rape victim as just a “victim” rather than seeing her as “accused” resulting in complete isolation of a woman from society whereas a rapist still enjoys his freedom? Those who did this heinous act cannot be referred as “man” or even “animal” because animals survive and perish in conjunction with nature. Only “we humans” are adamant to do everything against it.

    What I am telling is not a solution to this problem but what you are saying is neither. I strongly agree there should be a strict law and punishment for this act but before that we need to become a human being ourselves rather than blaming others. We should make sure that every act of ours is inclined towards humanity. Only when we feel we also are responsible somewhere in these crimes and act responsibly and collectively, we will be able to make a safer and more live-able society for ourselves.

    • Seema

      December 29, 2012 at 10:05 am

      I am a woman and I completely agree with you. The way this issue is being looked at man Vs woman is not right. This is a social issue and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Similar thing can happen with a boy/man also. I know real life incident of 17 year old boy. He had very bright future, that one incident happened in his life and everything was destroyed, did not gave his 12th exam that year and did not do anything after that. Today he is 40 years old completely dependent on his parents. Humanity and respect for each other (man or woman) is most important thing.

    • Chandan Srivastava

      January 2, 2013 at 4:13 pm


  9. hantan

    December 29, 2012 at 8:04 am

    A hundred questions, but no answers.. and amongst the comments, Basu’s was spot on.. hypocrites! all of us. a guy would ve used the MC/BC words far more than any other.. when the fundamental respect for a person’s mother and sister is destroyed, how can you expect him to respect the modesty of a stranger..

  10. jihan

    December 29, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    unfortunately , it happens all over the world in different scales; not just in India in my country too. and regrettably, the way of handling this situation in my country is as much as you handle in your country ( people get outraged, silent marches with candles, become violent, too many questions arise & “of course” no answers, …….., VICTIM(S) DIE or RUINED for ever ).
    now, in the 21 century, we “the women” still DISRESPECTED & looked at as an object for SEX & BREEDING?!!!! very offensive & insulting.

  11. Chandan Srivastava

    January 2, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Yes the incident has raised too many questions. But the problem is that many people either don’t bother about those questions or they don’t prefer to find their answers. Since we are living in a democratic and independent country so I consider ‘we’ as 100% responsible. It is ‘we’ who decides the government, it is from ‘we’ who commit crime. So a correctness in ‘we’ is required. The protests are in our hand but the outcomes are not. But something is entirely in our hand, i.e. the answer for the questions that we must ask to ourselves. The incident could have been avoided and the girl could have been saved if the answers were known for the questions that are coming in everybody’s mind after the incident. The question is what is our role and responsibility towards the making of a good society besides earning our livelihood? Are so many pubs, ‘daru ke theke’ required for a good and stable society that has something most to do with our future generation?

    Read somewhere that people need pubs and drinking in the evening after their hectic schedule in the day. If they drink, they will be relaxed, they will do more productive work then with the relaxed and chilled mind, then the Indian companies will perform more and that is what is needed to develop the country. The flowchart looks very simple and straightforward but forget the reality linkage between the opening a pub, besides leading to country development, also gives rise to many social problems. I am not saying that this particular incident is directly linked to so many pubs and daru ke theke, but this is one of the example where we can do a little bit of compromise for the betterment of the society.

    A girl is a pride of the country, she is considered equivalent to Goddess, and she has all the right to freedom. Why the hell she should pay the price for some unwanted things happening in the society. It is mostly from ‘we’ who enjoy the Bollywood Movies that present a ‘woman’ as an object. We should not do that. Bal Thakre Ji was good or not, that is a different thing. But if the people and police take action against those who speak negative about Bal Thakre Ji, then the same people should take the action for every negative things including what is shown in the movies. We should start caring about our thoughts.

    I am not against the girl freedom, but the girls should also be aware of the fact that the country is not safe for her. It is hard to digest but I am sorry to say that it is a truth. The government and administration (read: police) has failed terribly what they are supposed to do. We can continue blindly believe in them or we can force our will for improvement through protest which we are already doing. Every girl in India should accept the fact that in today’s time, she alone has to take care of her safety. She should not assume that the country is 100% independent and safe, and the government/police or the people around her will come to rescue is something happens to her. This is something that a girl in India should keep in mind, just for her own safety.

    We should take a pledge in our mind that we should respect girl, teach every girl and boy in the future generation the sense of morality and goodness, and whenever we see group of people doing ‘eve-teasing’, we should stand up, like an army man, without any fear, ready to fight for the girl. Let these type of people know that any girl in the country is not alone.

  12. Anubhav

    January 2, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    You have dug deepest of the questions that every girl at some point of the time or other in her life would have wondered on or rather cursed on !! There is always a rationale in the way we behave …the way our culture develops. And the reason I see for this is that at the core of it “We are Animals”. Since the time life began, existence has been a matter of supremacy decided by physical strength. So you can see a culture developing the world around where men took up the job of doing the outdoor work and women taking care of the home needs. The men abused the women because they were simply more powerful whether be it rapes during wars, or be it practices like witch hunting or our local demonic tradition of Sati or the popular culture of bigamy but no evidences of polyandry. The culture built layers and layers of servitude & subjugation one upon another. Thus, forcing women to surrender to the rules made by the stronger sex. The women continued getting trodden. The men felt they were superior and at some sub-conscious level that animal thinking still sticks on their mind. So perhaps that answers your series of why questions of why just women.

    If you read the Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development, you would understand that the way a moral judgment is made by any individual is divided into 6 distinct stages. Broadly speaking, it starts from the basic level of “WIIFM-Thinking” (whats in it for me i.e. will I benefit out of this judgment) to the medium level of “Is this Decision Punishable-Thinking” to the advanced level of “Is it Virtuous-Thinking”. With increasing education levels, the ability to think and make moral judgments gets sophisticated. And that is why we see that atrocities against women have decreased as compared to past. Sati, Witch Hunting, Bigamy have all been eradicated to large extent. I think that education and education alone can help us. It will not only stop men from turning into a brute that emerges and engulfs lives of innocents but also enable the society to become more and more intolerant to such heinous crimes.

    But ofcos we can not depend on a single solution like Education of Masses which though mandatory is not self-sufficient. Time and again people with power have abused their position to perpetrate crimes and get away with them making a mockery of the judiciary ( case in point DGP Rathore, AP Governor ND Tiwari and recent TMC’s Party Workers indecent celebration etc etc). The Legislative needs to pass new rules that underline the importance and respect that we give to women (in form of stricter laws). The Executive needs to implement them sincerely without fear or political pressure (be it sincere patrolling or as simple activity as honestly registering an FIR against the perpetrator). The Judiciary needs to come up with Fast Track Courts and have preferences where Women Issues are given priorities (because justice delayed is justice denied). Its the functioning of all these bodies in tandem that will ensure a perfect system.

    And at the end of it is also worth mentioning that the perfect system will never come but a near perfect one is very much possible. And its only with HOPE and PERSISTENCE that we can move towards it.

    I hope there will be Morality !! I hope there will be Justice!!

  13. vinayl lakra (@vinaylakra0005)

    August 1, 2013 at 10:44 am

    wht u said is very much true ,indian nation has peoples in power nd capital greed of vvips both ruling classes have failed to protect basic rights of common man.this is their corrupt attitude towards human civilization. how to sole this problem? for the solution, how to change the character.whr is the indian man is afraid of to save man from man


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