The Google Story : A Review

17 Jan

Nothing better than doing a comeback to blogging with something as astounding as a story of a thing which is part of our identity , we , the progenies of Internet age . If you live on this planet and you haven’t heard about it , you probably are living under a rock .  Google has changed the way we look for things and how we know them . The utter banality of the phrase “Google it ” shows the impact .

The book by David A Vise and Mark Malseed narrates the journey of two PHD students from Stanford  – Sergey Brin an Larry Page who conceived the idea of making internet search an incredible user experience , a market ruled by few but hugely ignored . The book delves into the lives of the co-founders and their academic orientations . Larry came up with Page Rank algorithm to be used in Search Engine which sets it apart from it counterparts . It ranks the search results taking into account  citations or the hyperlinks to the web-page  and gives the unbiased search results .Google’s search results were more useful to Googlers than anything returned by competing search engines, catapulting Google to the forefront of the search engine turf wars.

The book shows you how the duo stick with the idea they begin with  , they made deals with Venture capitalists on their on terms , then their IPO with online bidding , something unheard and undone before . It is hard to believe that Internet Advertising giant did not spend a penny on their own advertising . It was innovation and creativity which saw them through . Authors have described the Google’s work-culture which attracted most sought after talent  and their policy of devoting 20% of employee time for innovation and novel ideas lead to revolutionary products like Google News . It gives a valuable lesson to budding entrepreneurs that in the process of brand building and retaining  , customer experience should be primary focus .

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