Case Reopens : No one killed Jessica…

20 Jan

There could not have been a better beginning for 2011 than this . Ladies and Gentlemen , prepare for the ovation , Here’s why –

1. Because we , living in the times of Dabanggs , Golmaals and Teesmarkhans , can’t really afford to  miss this one .  No , it’s not just the “relative factor” .The  movie is based on 1999 real life incident which shook the national conscience and initiated judicial activism in a rare case which could easily have been Open and Shut Case . Film bodes well for Hindi cinema which is not too keen on reality and the very concept of Justice though Aamir , Udaan kinds has kept hopes alive  .

2.Because of  brilliant and soulful music by  Amit Trivedi and lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya  who have previously been acclaimed for Aamir , Dev D and Udaan . Song like ‘Dilli’ , ‘Aitbaar’ and ‘Aali Re’ has enhanced the impact of dark and compelling moments of the movie . I have been awed by their consistent brilliance and would like to elaborate more on them in a separate post .

3.Because of power packed performance by Rani Mukherjee  in the role of ‘proud to be bitch’ , fearless journalist with crackling chutzpah . Vidya Balan  has been applauded for her fine portrayal  of Sabrina (Victim’s sister ) .Her silent , subtle and unglamorous  portrayal speaks volume of her talent .

4 .For the sheer brilliance of  director RajKumar Gupta  who did his directorial debut with ‘Aamir’ and deserves applause for making a movie which comments on dark underbelly of Delhi where power is something which is more abused than it is used , be it politicians , traffic cops ,  police or rich socialites which means if you are somebody , then you can even get away after murdering someone .

5. Because this can happen to anyone . The question here isn’t – Who killed  Jessica ? The question is who killed justice in thousands of pending cases which did not receive such media glare and where culprits  are moving scot-free . Each of those cases symbolizes rot in democracy and judiciary .

6. Because I don’t find any reason for not watching it  .

I rest my case .

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