Back again

19 Mar

Its been quite a long time i wrote  something on this blog . As a new year resolution i swore i l keep this thing alive rather than just customary posts now and then  . My college life is coming to an end . More than end it’s a  beginning of a new journey ,  new hopes  , new resolutions …  I have opportunity to work , learn , grow , mature  and create the value for me . For  all the time i am left with , i am thinking to use it more ” constructively ”  ( i just love this word )  .  So of all the thing i have shortisted           —

1) Read some “quality”  literature and move out of  ” my favourite author zone ” and not judging books by their beginning pages n specially covers .

2) Was thinking of revising French .  learnt it once .Well i am not too sure for this one as I dont trust my memory .

3) Spending quality time with family and close friends rather than whiling away my time on idiotbox and  playstation . And yes catching up with old friends as they are precious .

4) Reflecting more on my goals . have been told zillions time by people . Life will be easier if i do this .

5) Learn to drive . Should have done this long back ago . But better late than never .

I  will continue to add and appropriately modify list as things come to my mind .

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