The Tipping Point

19 Jun

Ever thought that why few brands do much better than other ones ?

Why  some movies do well while others don’t ?

And why a serial like Balika Vadhu became instant while other just fizzle out soon ?

NO , its not just just about the quality , content or the substance as we had always thought . It is about change in perception we always had and triggering an epidemic by changing small details . It is Tipping point , when a simple tinkering with the social pattern , trends and behaviour can bring in dramatic results . Yes this is it .

Tipping point is not just a book but a phenomenon . It tells you how small thing can really make a big difference . We are always biased with are inherent predispositions . But the world around us as much as we want it to does not accord with are intuition . Such eccentricities are as much inconceivable as it is to reach the sun by folding a piece of paper  50 times .

Malcolm Gladwell has supported his rules with well established case studies and researches . In his Law of Fews , he says that in order to trigger an epidemic  only few people are required – Connector ( people who know almost everyone ,  have big social circle and have their influence on lives of their friends ) , maven  ( few know- it- all  guys  , everybody seem to take their advice ) and not to forget salesmen  . By reaching these special people we can  change the course of social epidemic .

Stickiness Factor –  Its all about the way we present our message  and its persistence . By merely manipulating the size of the group we can improve the receptivity to new ideas  .

This book is not just for business leader or marketing guys  , but for every person who wants to change the things the way they are  , who want to make it big in this world .

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