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11 Jun

Sometimes it so happens that our beliefs and convictions  which were pretty much ingrained in our mindsets are refuted  and our beloved  ideals are beaten to dust . Lot has been happening around . Racially motivated attacks on our countrymen  ,  looming terror attacks  ,  war upsurge in neighbourhood .  Somewhere out there we humans are responsible for this state of affairs. Do we have taste for catastrophe ? May be .

Somewhere it is darkness of our own mind which is unleashed every  now and then . Why don’t we rise up above the narrow considerations of caste , creed , race and religion . We are infuriated when  Indians are assaulted in other parts of the world . But where does that unity goes when a young man seeking livelihood in some other state  is lynched by the mob .  We take pride in saying that India is one of those few countries in the world who never attacked any other country but has been attacked many times by foreigners  . But this is because we never got free from our own discord . And look we turned the largest democracy into the most hopeless and suffocating democracy . Its time to introspect and get our way through our internal strength , compassion , truth and justice .

I recently finished Mein Kampf  by Adolf  Hitler .  Autobiographies are the most invigorating and inspiring form of literature . Though book seems outdated to many but it espouses the elements of era when it was written , particularly French Revolution .  It is difficult to believe that just 70 years  ago ,  some of the most seemingly intelligent  , artistic and thoughtful people in the world handed over their country and  themselves to Adolf Hitler . He could have been a great leader but for his  ultranatianalistism  , anti parliamentarian policies  and  unjustified hatered for jews which resulted in the most inhuman slaughter and the greatest genocide in entire human history . Even if you have contempt or hatred for a race ,  you don’t wipe out that race for that .

The post seems pretty desultory to me . But i think i can take liberty this time   because this how my mind works . Can’t help it . And by the way  … The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is good .

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