24 May

Disgrace is a novel written by South African writer J M Coetzee . The author was winner of noble prize in literature in 2003 and book itself won booker prize in 1999 . The plot is set up in post apartheid South Africa where shift of power has its repercussions on socio economic life of people  .  It depicts the catharsis of people who have been oppressed from centuries . This is the story of rage , retribution ,race, rape and relationships .

The protagonist, David lurie is professor of romantic poetry . He falls for one his students and establishes physical intimacy with her and has no qualms for it . Later the same student slaps the charges of sexual harassment against him . David accepts the charges but does not repents for it because  that was what he desired . He gave no nonsense answers in proceedings and is forced to leave university in ignominy . He decides to live with his daughter Lucy who is lives in countryside and does farming over there . There she is raped and robbed  by three black men . David feels guilty for being helpless in these circumstances  . David repents for his sins by working in a place where he is supposed to take care of sick dogs and dispose them when they are dead  . His life is reduced to that of an animal .

The story raises question whether a men should feel apologetic for sins which he does not consider sins at all . We might punish him although but cannot forcefully draw apology . The story poignantly describes the impact of changing power equations in Africa on day to day life of its citizens . This kind of social upheaval is observed in society whenever the centre of power is shifted .

The book is dark with gray shaded character and is not recommended for pleasure reading . The plot though sublime leaves you disturbed .


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3 responses to “Disgrace

  1. hanba

    May 24, 2009 at 6:16 am

    Hi! I really enjoyed this novel! It is one of my favourite books ever. I have written a small post about how the author describes the dogs:

    Ps. the author’s name is spelled ‘Coetzee’.



    August 24, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    NICE 🙂


    • kanika

      December 17, 2011 at 7:16 pm

      Thanks 🙂


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