Who moved my cheese ..?

23 May

Who moved my cheese ? This is  probably what BJP and allies are feeling right at the moment .  Indian people voted decisively for Congress this time . In the current environment of uncertainity courtesy  global recession and security threats  ,  anti incubency factor was ruled out  and gave way to stability . Seeing the track record this time  Congress  government did’nt came near the kind of leadership displayed  by Narsimha govt during 1991 crisis . Mr Manmohan Singh has got tough challenges ahead . First to insulate India from affects of global economic slowdown  . And then to protect India form lurking terrorist threats  in future emanating from  neighbourhood . Well thats from great  Indian political circus .

Was going through the some write up and came across these lines by AJ Cronin :

” Life is no straight and every corner through which we travel is’nt free and unhampered  but is a maze of passages through which we must seek our way lost and confused now and again checked in a blind alley .

But always if we have faith , god will open the door for us , Not perhaps one that we ourselves would ever have thought of, but one that will ultimately prove good for us ”

If the things have changed around us , it is of  no use  overanalyzing  things and burdening our mind with complex beliefs . Because if we don’t change , then we extinct .

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