Election 2009

24 Apr

Indian Premier League or rather Indian Pardesi league as described by some has started with all its glitz , but  more importantly at home Indian political league  has embarked on . The Grand Indian political circus  this time will be known  for hate speeches , communalisation and criminalisation of politics , and mundane manifestos with lots of empty rhetoric .  Its kind of strange that our political parties don’t see any serious issues and challenges faced by the country . We are facing what could possibly be called worst economic recession of all times . Unemployment is taking its toll  . Half of our population still lives below poverty line . Our kids are malnourished and are deprived of education . We had Kandhamal incident which is setback to our secular ethos . Just 5 months back our economic capital faced major terrorist attack . It was then our cities woke up from i am like shanghai dreams . But sadly our leaders have’nt .   But brushing these insignificant issue under the carpet our leaders are discussing more important weak leader-strong leader issues , making hate speeches now and then … … freedom of speech after all .

And then these parties  release so called manifestos too . Some political party talk of giving rice at Rs 2/kg  , some at Rs 3/kg , some talk of loan waivers , some  of loan exemption . I would just say  … Hey leaders  .. what do you think , are we Indian some freaking beggars or what . As far as government money is concerned it comes from what people pay as taxes  . So why don’t you let people decide .Why don’t you talk about empowerment of a common man .    Sorry to say , but in India we don’t have rulers , we have representative . So be like some and let people voice their opinion .

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