Atlas Shrugged

07 Mar

Did Atlas really shrugged ? Well , don’t know . But yes i shrugged . Pretty voluminous book .  Anyways  this is  not just the novel , but it is the very  soul  of   modern philosophy of post industrial era . Coming from Ayn Rand , this book makes more sense to me as compared to fountainhead and is an experience in itself .  This book has affected many American policies and has inspired people during The Great Depression .

Now , Atlas as we know is a Greek god which supports the entire earth on its back . So what would happen if he shrugs . Unfathomable . Similar is the case with the world  where we have people who toil and create the value on which the entire  human   life depends . Then there are people who depends on toilers for their existence and do not use their own mind . “I am therefore i’l think “is a phrase which espouses the very purpose of existence for a person . If you are one of the few productive minds of the world and second handers depend on you for fulfillment of their needs and they rob you in the guise of socialism and charity , then this book is tribute to you . John Galt , the protagnist who suffered plunders and pillages by such parasites declared a strike and drained the world of its productive capacity by taking all the creators away . The motor of the world was left to rot . I think this is the  root of all the misery in the world . Lets not go behind , in recent Mumbai attacks ,we engaged in downright mugslinging and brickbating . Had each person in the chain performed his/her duty with sincerety without , the catastrophe could have been averted .

I loved the honesty of the characters particularly Danny Taggart . She declared that her sole aim was to make money because it gave her satisfaction of creation . There is no harm in living for yourself . The hardwork  of  individual should not be available for free distribution . This is the book which tells why to use your mind not to outsource its thinking .

Atlas shrugged is the story of man wo said that I swear by my life and by the love of it , that i would never exist for and neither would i ask anyone to exist for me . John Galt , Hank Rearden and Francis De’conia who were the men of action who believed in brilliance of mind and its rationale .

A is A . In order to command the nature , we must obey . Any rational and reasonable mind would accept this fact rather than distort it to suit its needs . A   man is an end to himself . A man is an individual and works alone for his betterment and then earn rewards for it . When a man depends on other , then he cease to exist . Politics of liberty implies that Give me liberty or give me death . A man can perform to his full capaacity only when he is assured that all the profits and rewards generated by him are his own . He should not have any obligation to feed the society with his gain.

Well all said and done , this book helps a person to raise questions and to introspect his soul and search answers to them . If you don’t , well ignorance is a bliss .


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3 responses to “Atlas Shrugged

  1. hanba

    June 2, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    did you like the book, kanikahanda? it is pretty darn thick – is it worth the trouble? 🙂 /hanba

    • kanikahanda

      June 3, 2009 at 2:23 am

      The book may be outdated in its prose and style ,but is still relevant today given the fact it has sold 200000 copies this year more than any year before that . Its not just about capitalist but a struggle of a person who wants to get fair share for his work .Rand depicted government and companies colluding in the name of economic rescue at the expense of the entrepreneur. That entrepreneur is like the titan Atlas who carries the rest of the world on his shoulders — until he doesn’t.
      Book is indeed thick ,but once you are through , it is worth the toil .

  2. hanba

    June 3, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    thanks, we actually have the book in the shelf.. I’ll make it my next project. thanks! /h


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