06 Mar

Mid semesters are approaching in a week . So I am hurriedly writing this one . Being busy is a kind of thing which NSITians conveniently stay away except during the exams  and i am no exception . Strange but true . In recent days ,  I had to  suffer allegations of being more philosophical and critically analysing things around me   .  I could have gladly taken this one but  still i need to be cautious .

Finally completed Atlas Shrugged . 855 pages . Was wondering how Ayn Rand wrote this one?

My brother gifted me an i- pod with strict instructions not to ask him for anything during next 5  years . For the first time in my life i felt younger  brothers are not pain .

I was reading something on leadership . So i would like to make note of this . Leadership is not a quality . It is an experience that an individual who has undergone personal growth and transformation radiates . A true leader is the one who is ready to take responsibility conciously and is not constantly dependent on past . A true leader is a visionary and is able to respond spontaneously to the situations . He is ready to recraft himself and restructure his thought process according to problems in hand . He is fresh in his ideas . Leadership is the state and not the status or designation . Our inner space should be mature enough to handle the responsibility which we assume . Leadership is simply a concious choice made by an individual to act out of deep sensitivity awareness to one’s situation and surroundings. Then automatically , th inner space will start transforming and send right response .

I know this was the one of the worst and the most desultory post  i  ever  wrote . But it can be forgiven keeping in mind onus under which i am living these days . Good luck to me .

Jai ho !!!

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