Inner Quest 2

25 Feb

Its been long time i posted something on this blog .  No , this blog is not a  liability  for me . So to prove this and assuage the dwindling blog stats ,   i am back .  In one of my post i wrote about the negative aspects of my personality . Though i am sincerely trying to reform myself  on those fronts but zyada modesty handle nahi hoti mujhse . So thought of writing some  positive points (atleast i consider them so).

i consider myself an optimistic person and that too a very practical kind . I don’t let complacency creep into it . Be it any kind of situation there is a  plan and ancillary back up plans . So there is no scope for pessimism .

i think of learning as a continual process full of passion from various sources , not just from books and teachers  but also from surroundings, people and not to forget movies . Being an Indian i accept the fact  that movies influences our thinking process   . i try to draw inspiration from people around me and sometimes inanimate objects at times .

i am strong willed and somewhat stubborn at times  . Sometimes eccentricity takes possession of my brain . Although this can result in catastrophic consequences , but i still consider it as my asset .

i sincerely try to adapt myself according to situation and modify my thought structure according to problems at hand without changing inner self of me . I don’t compromise on ideals set by me . I don’t call myself a truthful or moral person of Utopian kind . But I am honest about my feeling about people around me and with whom i interact . I am not afraid of standing up for what i believe .

I am a dreamer . I don’t dream of mercedes , villas and fame . But still i dream of making it big in my area of work . I dream for more than what i am having  at the moment .

I am sanguine by nature , but i don’t over indulge myself with anyone . This spares me from many complications  . And then i read somewhere that detached  and persistent efforts opens up path of perfection . I am not using the success since it is a very elusive word . I still trying to understand  it .

Some of these point may be turn  out to be negative in some circumstances , but then nobody is perfect .

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