One who knows right will do right

18 Jan

Fair enough . A person would do wrong if does not knows better . Only the right insight leads to righteousness. This was said by Socrates . A subject like philosophy is generally considered dry or rather arcane by most people but philosophers . Sophie’s World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder which is a philosophy textbook  disguised into a novel initiated a literary phenomenon  among youth .

In a unique fictional approach which illustrate the entire history of philosophy includes the whole gamut of philosopher staring from early  Greek philosophers  to Sartre . The plot unfolds with a 14 year old girl Sophie who receives postcard with two ontological questions – Who are you ? Where does world come from ? In further letters the mysterious philosophy teachers sends Sophie lessons on ideas of various western philosophers . First among them was Heraditus  who said that  everything in the world is in the constant flux and movement  . Therefore we cannot step in the same river twice . When i return to the same river twice than neither the river nor i remain the same . The same thought can be applied in are lives . Pretty convincing .

Socrates was one of the most enigmatic and wisest figure among Greek philosophers . He said that he knew one thing for sure and that is that he knew nothing . This was not just  modesty but an insight which   lead a person on the path of enlightenment and to find answers to the questions which puzzle him . He was not didactic but a person on an endeavour to learn from others .

I particularly liked the description about Mystics who believed in losing themselves and uniting themselves with soul of Almighty .  Many of the world’s religions are inspired by  it . One Indian mystic has rightly said – When i was god , then god was not and when god is , I am no more .  Swami Vivekanand  who took Hinduism to many parts of the world said that most  religions in the world call not believing in a personal god as atheism  . But in reality a person who does not believes in himself is an atheist . Not believing in One’ soul is Atheism .

Then Descartes is considered as the father of the modern philosophy .  He was a rationalist and believed that  certain knowledge in the world can be acquired by reason much like our mathematics problems . . He doubted everything and by that he was certain about just one thing that he could doubt . He believed that our thinking i more real than material world which we perceive through our senses . He believed in the existence of perfect entity , hence he believed in existence of God .

As we grow we lose our propensity to ask questions about the world and ourselves . Philosophy is much more than a coffee table discussions . It is quest for oneself .   I believe that such such earnest endeavour helps us to reinvent ourselves gradually and make us better human being . This was my first attempt in prodding realms of philosophy and liked it .

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