Is war a solution

08 Jan

This is not just the topic of  discussion or debate but reflects the   dilemma of every ordinary Indian not just bureaucrats or intellectuals , for it bears serious implications for times to come .

Among the arguments which supports the war some are -:

It is often said that there some situations in which war is  inevitable and   is    waged for the betterment . Also rather than losing thousand of precious lives  each year  just settle it out for once .  India has right to defend its sovereignty as much US and Israel has .

But argument which are against the war are much more in number –   Certainly everybody would reap benefits from war  , terrorists being the biggest beneficiaries , Islamist fundamentalists and war profiteers including traders of arms and ammunitions   except me and billion other unarmed civilians like me on both the sides of border .   Then there is no assurance that it would completely root out terrorism . US , even after their  7  years of their so called war against terror has not been able to  capture Osama Bin Laden . Impending war might perpetrate anti India mood . There is also possibility that survivors of terror outfit might attack with double vengeance . By this i don’t  mean we should remain inactive . There is need to address the very genesis point of terrorism which thrives on extremists and fundamentalist ideology which breeds hatred for other religion .   India has always  followed the policy of non alignment since our independence  . We can use technology used by US and Israel but there is indeed no need to adopt their foreign policy . As our former PM Mr Vajpayee has – we can change our foes but not neighbours . We have to treat this with utmost caution , not reckless aggression .    We are facing worst economic crisis .   A War would  inflict more wounds on already bleeding economy .                     Though India has shown exemplary restraint in phase of crisis though diplomacy and negotiations were  not carried in right manners .  What we engaged in was mudslinging and browbeating from both sides . There was a kind of humiliation campaign against Pakistan .

When I say war is not the solution , i mean war is not the immediate option . As India has said all options are available , and war is certainly an option but the last one . We can resort to war only when all alternatives are exhausted . But i just hope that such situation does not arise .

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