Anne Frank : The diary of a young girl

04 Jan

I finished reading this book few day back . This is the first book based  in the backdrop of holocaust . Before it , i knew very little about it . It is one of the best war documentary ever written by a teenage Jewish girl , an unfortunate victim of Nazi oppression . She speaks for millions of those who suffered atrocities of war .

Anne Frank , a thirteen year old Jewish girl  , and her family out fear of being captured and deported to concentration camp moves into a hiding place which is basically a warehouse in his father’s office .There are in all 8 people including herself , her father , mother , sister , Mr Van Dan , his wife , his  son and Mr Dussel , a dentist . Anne starts using her diary just before they move into secret hiding place . The first entry is on 14th june  1942 and last one on 1st august 1944 . She critically  writes about the behaviour of all the people around her though in a slightly biased and uncompromising way .  Anne who addresses her diary as Kitty vividly describes the hiding place and problems faced by them in matters concerning food , sanitation , frustation arising out of confinement and constant fear of being detected by Germans .  Anne during her stay at Annex used her time in reading and learning various subjects She had a secret wish to become a writer which was indeed fulfilled after her death .   She wrote many entries in introspective and self critical manner . It seemed like there was a battle waged inside her between good Anne and bad Anne which she believed her to be .   At a young age she was saturated with wisdom  .

In august 1945  all the 8 resident of Annex including their helpers were captured by german police who got the tip by a Dutch informer and were sent to concentration camp . Anne ’s mother died in a concentration camp, followed by her sister Margot and then Anne herself.  Other annexers also died except for Otto Frank who survived and was liberated by the Russian army.

Anne was one of the millions who became victims of  inhuman atrocities and  draconian policies adopted by Nazis .  The book truly reflects what happens to unarmed innocent civilian during the war .

I think such books are better than pure fantasy and pulp fiction stuff  as they influence our character and unite us against evil .

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