God of small things

19 Dec

This time I  managed to complete this story though i must confess it was my third attempt . My belief of being can-sail-through-any-kind-of -stuff  type of reader was shaken miserably this time  if not shattered .  This piece with its immensely intricate vocabulary was quite daunting for a reader like me .

Coming back to Booker prize winning novel by Arundhati Roy . Indian  society ridden by perpetual distinction based on caste , colour , social status not to forget numerous bizarre customs .Story revolves around a women named Ammu and her two dizygotic egg twins -Estha and Rahel . The author has deftly portrayed Ammu as woman separated from her dipsomaniac husband and her inner cravings for her untouchable lover in a society where weak is suppressed and alienated .  An unfortunate incident happens which results in death of their cousin for which twins are held responsible . the author derides the society where men who have liberty to do just anything which is not so in case of women who are strangled in social customs . Communist set up  is completely believable . It ‘s infact pefect concoction of human desires throttled by insensitive and hypocrite society . Incest in the end seemed quite natural  .

Surely tough one , but one must give a read to this .  Someday you would emerge triumphant .

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