Food crisis

19 Dec

Over the past few month as global economic recession has drawn the concerns of bureacrats, economists , and business leaders across the world ; global food crisis has taken a backseat . Globally hunger is on march  an undeniable fact which needs to be addressed whatsover .

To summarise the situation , according to UN one sixth of world population still goes to bed hungry and around 40 million people suffer from malnourishment . In Haiti ,  people have mudcakes as their staple food  since they are left with no choice .  Damage which it is causing to inhabitants specially pregnant women  is  unimaginable . With soaring food prices , extreme poverty forces people towards starvation . There have been instances of food riots in many parts of the world . The situation might worsen in absence of immediate addressal . Switch over to cash crop for generation of biofuels has curtailed the food production . Hoarding of food grains by traders  in many African nation resulted in soaring rice and maize prize . Such situation leads to political instability which is also not in interest of people . Countries which depends substantially on food imports are suffering .

With worlds most progressive economies facing debacle , it is high time we set our basics right and shift our focus to more conventional approach . Primary activities like agriculture should get immediate attention . Corporate houses and wealthy nations should take steps to revert impending much worse  food crisis . As in words of UN : As we take care of wall street and main street we cannot forget places having no streets .

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