A brief history of time

05 Dec

A brief history of time , a very compact  , succulent and delectable piece of writing from British scientist  Stephen Hawking , is an inspiration for people with disability and certainly others as well .

We often think how the universe was created ? Who created it ? Does it ends somewhere ? Does it has finite boundary?  Can time run backwards ? I will not say that author has completely  answered these questions , but it is an effort to compile the information gathered so far from times of Aristotle to current era . In general we people are no less than a lady who thinks that earth stands on the back of a turtle supported by other likes .  It is the matter of what we perceive until the day we stumble on those  secrets of universe .

I quite liked the elucidation of different ordes of time namely thermodynamical  order of time -order of increasing entropy , then psychological order – sequence in which we remember our past and chronological order which is that of expanding universe . It is interesting to note that had universe being contracting instead of expanding  , then we could travel in past and know future events as well .

As far as creator is concerned , Hawking with his atheist disposition has said that in a line –  Can god create a stone massive enough not to be lifted by himself . Things which are inexplicable are pushed under realms of godliness . Everything in the universe , be it chaos is governed by laws . And then in Hawking ‘ s words – ” If we do manage to find a unified and complete theory which in time becomes understandable in broad principles by everyone , then it would be ultimate triumph of human reasoning ,for then we would know god’s mind .”

This record breaking bestseller is  purely based on reasoning and does not require any sort of mathematical insight .

I regret not reading it earlier , but then it’s never too late to learn .

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