Mumbai attacks 26/11

28 Nov

For India it is deja vu. What has happened in Mumbai is the worst terrorist strike ever with highly motivated maniacs armed with machine guns and grenades roaming about in financial capital of India. It seems as if war is waged inside my home . Our leaders tell us to remain calm  , how can we remain calm with attacks of such audacity affronting us. Those leaders with Z security don’t have reason to be agitated .

It is simply an assault to our democracy and spirit of humanity . It is the attack on  sovereignty of India . Terrorists did excellent homework and close surveillance of the targets. They targeted foreigners for greater impact on international community, this points to their escalating ambitions. Terrorism has reached a new level of sophistication and organisability.


1. NSG did a commendable job during crisis.  But it is a national level organisation taking orders from army . More such outfits should be established at state level so that it can swiftly move into action when need arises.

2.The very root cause of situation is that our society has undergone severe moral degeneration .There is need to address the extremism which perpetuate such fanatical acts. This is the best pre emptive measure.

3.Our intelligence system needs to be reevaluated and immediate technological reforms are needed. Law ad order is a state subject whereas intelligence agencies comes under central subject . It creates a delay and deficit in information gathering capabilities. If we can spend crores of rupees or nuclear power or for sending an unmanned vehicle to moon then we can certainly spend money on  security measures .

4.What we lack at the moment is an unequivocal  anti terror policy of the government . Till now we were more inclined towards responsive approach rather than preventive . After each attack government just announces ex gratia , deploy forces for few days with some precautionary measures . There is media  clamour for sometime and then it is back to square one .

And are politicians quite immune to such stuff keep themselves engaged in blame game . So Mr leader , please get a life .. just rise above vote bank politics and this parochial prudery .Learn from Mr Bush . He might be a failure but he didn’t allowed another 9/11 happen to his country.

5. Quite often it is seen that a choatic nation is more vulnerable to terror. Region that lacks order is more susceptible to terrorist activities since it is difficult to check suspicious activity over there.

It was overwhelming to see the soldiers and commandos from regiments belonging to north and south India fighting fearlessly to flush out terrorism from Mumbai which bore the brunts of regional and lingistic chauvnism and parochialism in recent times due to some politician who consider it as their duty to pull apart the people .  I hope they would have learnt a lesson .

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