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28 Oct

There are many people who need external motivation to motivate themselves in their field of activity . Few people who are perceived  as icons or idols of the society serve as source of inspiration for them . They reach such exalted status by virtue of their dedication and sustained hard work . They therefore inspire less mortals who strive to emulate them . There was an era in which political leaders used to be idol for youth . But today , thanks to television and media .. cricketers & movie actors hog the media limelight and lead the masses  . But does country requires only sports stars and films star . Their are many other less glamorous but equally or rather more deserving professions which should  recieve public adulation . In this times all round moral degenaration we require sincere and conscientious people in all spheres of activity  , be it research ,education  or administration . For me the doctor working in tribal regions to improve health care facilities over there with limited resources is my idol . For me the postman doing his duty sincerely , honestly and with dedication is my idol . For me soldier who is ready to lay down his life for the sake of their country is my idol . For me the agricultural scientist working in faraway research centre to increase the yeild of the farmers is my idol .   These people are not less worthy of getting acclaimation for their service  . It is high time that media projects the achievements to inspire million others who can follow their footsteps  to ensure all round development of the country .

I have noticed that I am doing lots of spelling mistakes in my posts , quite embarrasing for people of my age . But it ‘s never too late to realise .

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