Inner Quest

17 Oct

In the mission of exploring various facets of my personality , I was pondering over the negative traits which are to be worked upon . Though there are lots and lots of them but I’ list important ones .

The primary problem which pulls me down is that of inertia . It is difficult for me to switch to working mode from idle state and vice versa  . It requires great deal of inspiration  for me to get onto work . Although i have started pushing myself , but a lot more has to be done  ,, taaki ye newton’s first law of motion mujhpar applicable na ho.

The second thing  about me which really bothers me is lack of discipline which leads to results which are not in proportion to efforts . Everything seems so scattered  . I should be more focussed towards my goals .  I should be more prudent while dividing my time pie into various activities .

Then … my memory has betrayed me quite a number of times and has embroiled me in many embarassing situation . I tend to forget the names of people , their faces , places . Although it takes a while to recognise things but damage is done during that time .

Sometimes it seem to me that I am completely obsessed with myself and my musings . Egoist  , egotist whatever ..

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