My golu has grown big

15 Oct
This is my golu lolz..

This is my golu lolz..

Sorry Uzzwal , I’m stealing your favorite line as title of my post . But I just  can’t help it  as this is what I am feeling right at the moment for my little brother . I still remember how we used to fight with each other over things like sharpners , stickers , erasers and million other things . Who will slepp next to Mom and meal time tussles . Actually we never required any reason to fight . This is something which is inbuilt in most siblings . We even broke a television set during a Safai Abhiyaan . After that our mother never told us to clean up the room .   Amidst fighting and kicking each other and passing sarcastic comments on each other , we shared that bond of compassion which kept us close  while being physically away from each other  . Now when he has moved out of home to a professional college to accomplish his dreams I suddenly feel that he has grown so big . And then he calls me and says ” Kani , I miss you ” and seeks my advice on things ranging from washing clothes to academics  . I would say  that every sister in the world gets a brother like him . Thats it for the moment as i am filled with nostalgia . Wanted to pen down this thing from many days , so one more task done . Hurray !!

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