15 Oct

Around 800 employees of Jet Airways have been sacked and more jobs are likely to be guillotined in coming days due to downturn in aviation industry . How can employees be at receiving end of the miscalculations and follies of corporate . It is often said that today employees especially in BPOs have no sense of loyality and switch jobs like anything for small salary hikes . But it is the corporates who started this lethal game . At slightest hint of business downturn these biggies resort to downsizing of the well performing workforce . A young employee has to pay the prices for shortsighted strategies of the company . Yet corporates expect employees to be loyal and commited to the  company would not think twice before showing them the door. With current economic turmoil in US , oil prices at it dearest ,spiralling infaltion , tumbling financial indices the siuation is expected to worsen in near future . For the time being it is expected from corporates to come up with sound tactics for dealing with the situation . Rest we very well know that corporate world knows no compassion . This whole episode is commencement of ugly face of globalisation .

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