We the people

04 Oct

India is the sovereign , socialist and secular republic .These are the ideals of our constitution . But in recent times situation is turning into that of anarchy . The communist government in china got Beijing  cleared for the Olympic games by shutting down the factories as it was the question of national pride . But in our democracy CM of West Bengal could not get Singur land cleared for much needed industrialisation of the state just because there were large number of people on the street protesting against it . India is proud to be known as world’s largest democracy by conducting elections on massive scale . But the question i want to ask is : are strikes , bandhs , violence the only method to make one’s voice heard in democracy . These acts curtails down the productivity of nation and shakens the faith in democracy.  Besides electing people’s representative democracy is also about efficient dialogue . This dialogue require people to listen to each other even when they do not agree with each other . Even in parliament due to clamour of opposition our PM had to gave his reply in writing during no confidence motion .

Besides persistent poverty, environmental problems , financial crisis , the most serious problem faced by our country is that of democratic deficit which has engulfed our governance . When processes of dialogue with goverment don’t work then people resort to strikes and rallies which are further pressed down by violence by security forces . Therefore situation turns into that of law and order .  This method of civil disobedience which was first used by Gandhiji to protest against injustice of British rule is turning into excuse for breaking laws. Although Gandhiji insisted that agitation should be carried out non violently , but today protester indulge in large scale violence and damaging public property . In democracy differences are resolved through discussions , debates and mutual consensus on issues not by people disobeying laws because they are large  enough to do so . I just hope my countrymen understand the true ideals of democracy and take our society towards more of civilty and less of discord and disobedience .


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2 responses to “We the people

  1. Atul Bhatia

    October 14, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    I agree with you on all the fronts, but according to me the problem lies more with the government executives and lesser with the people. It has been seen in the recent past that unless people resort to violence and vandalism their voices are not generally heard, thereby leaving them with no other option. I think government should make it their policy to hold talks with persons/communities before they could resort to violence. This would also help the people establish faith in the government and would also protect the damages done due to vandalism.

  2. kanikahanda

    October 15, 2008 at 9:29 am

    True . This is what we saw in Singur . India’s discordant democrats should rise above their interests and understand that it is their duty to come up with consensus on issues from people having diverse view points . According to me the country having the most effective dialogue amongst its stakeholders and inclusive vision is likely to develop fastest in next decade .


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