My experiments with truth

25 Sep

There are books which are read merely for leisure , and some for drawing inspiration . Then there are pieces of literature which changes the very outlook towards life and this book ‘My Experiment with Truth’ written by  a very simple man our very own ‘Bapu’ M.k Gandhi is one of them . Book deals with relevance of truth , ahimsa , honesty ,service to humanity in our day to day life . It spans over the period from Gandhiji ‘ s childhood to 1920 . All the incidents which are described are experiments with truth . It includes various aspects like – vegetarianism , dietics , naturopathy . There are his internal conflicts and compromises with his wife & how he resolved them  . His conversation  with Gokhle other personalities reveals his intellectual side . His rational & unbiased opinion on religion shows his spirituality . His struggle in South Africa against racial discrimination made him  apostle of peace in the world . This aoutobiography shows what it took for a simple person to become Mahatma . It helped me to resolve many of my internal conflicts which were bothering me . It often seems like when I am being soft & polite to a person then am i being taken for ride . It is your inner realisations which influences your external gestures . And then being vegetarian increases joy and sensitivity in energy flow . In other religious text we read just teachings but here it is more of implementation . It is way to live life in best possible manner .

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