23 Sep

Serial Blasts in city and then in Pakistan capital within a week  shows nothing but the pervasive vulnerability of life in the world with terrorism as the sword of damocles hanging over its head . Disturbingly , their reach is to the regions the safety of which we take for granted .  But a lot has to be learnt from these tragedies . We being citizens should always remain alert and vigilant . Also in the case of emergency we should not panick as it can worsen the circumstances . Media too should play responsible role by spreading the message of unity and national integration among the masses . In Delhi It was good to see many people taking initiative  by sending office cabs where ambulance were not available . There was overwhelming response in blood donation by people . The bombs which were diffused  in Regal cinema were detected with help of poor children on footpath who are often ignored by us . Hats off to them !! .  It is high time our authorities should lay stress on technological reforms in security measures on the lines of USA . Network of  things like satellite CCTV , realtime connectivity between intelligence and responder , metal detecter , snooping devices ,etc  should be expanded .

Well , I dont really understand  that what are those guys really achieving by these heinous acts . There are certain groups which adopt voilence as means to show their anger and retribution  towards the system which they believe has done injustice to them . But unleashing violence and dread is in any case condemnable . This also  results in victimisation  and demonisation of the people of community they are representing most of which immensely abhor such activities .  It is important to realise that many innocent lives get destroyed and traumatised as the aftermath of terrorist savagery . Still i believe that we will ressurect once more & not let our spirits get dampen .

Lyrics of a song is coming to my mind –

Aandhiyon se jhagad rahee hai lo meri  , ab mashalon see jal rahee hai lo meri………..

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