I miss thee

04 Sep

Today i met one of my favourite teacher of my school days .. Sangya Mam . Its been two years i last saw her even though i m still  living in Delhi . Its just that human have that basic tendency that they pay attention to the things which are currently holding importance in their lives forget them afterwards  n i am no exception . Anyways teachers and mentors have great role in our progress . They guide our souls from the world of despondency and stop us from going astray.

I still remember that i was not very good at painting in school . Then there was some painting competition and knowing my potential i straight away refused to participate . But Sangya Mam who was my class teacher at that time forced me to go for it . I don’t know how i got consolation prize for that . This was my first ever accolade for painting .   At some point of time we all realise that teachers  were right .

She still remembered that i used to go to her room with my marksheets for correction . She even remembered that we did’nt liked going for assembly and used find excuses to avoid it . How we use to roam about in school without pass and get caught . Sach … ye teacher log kuch nahi bhoolte .

I just hope i live upto expectations of my teachers and silently pray that

May god bless us with sincere teachers,

so nobody would drown in the sea of lies,

In the ocean of knowledge,

in the world run by masterminds,

In the universe full of facts of all types.


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2 responses to “I miss thee

  1. Ashish

    September 11, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    hey kanika welcome me as a new blogger
    otherwise very good poem urs .
    bbye kanika n g…

  2. kanikahanda

    September 12, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Oh ! welcome
    Thanks for comment and appreciation . Glad to note that my reader base is increasing .
    jst leave the url of ur blog too .


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