To kill a mocking bird

30 Jul

The book review was due from quite sometime . So here it goes . This story “To kill the mocking bird” written by Lee Harper takes place in Albama and narrated by a small girl named Jean Louise Finch or “Scout”. Her father Atticus Finch is a lawyer with high moral standards. The story is a beautiful caricature of child ‘s mind and incidents which have deep impact on her. Scout plays with her brother Jem & friend Dill. They are fascinated by the  rumor about their neighbour Boo Radley who never comes out of his house that he is not sane .So out of curiosity they paid visit to his house at night but had narrow escape from shot of Boo’s father.

Atticus was asked to defend the case of a black man named Tom Robinson who was accused of raping a poor white girl named Mayelle Ewells. Though Atticus was criticised by the highly racist society of Maycomb but his conscience urged him to defend Tom. Scout and Jem had tough time handling the taunts directed at them by relatives and neighbours but they had firm belief in principles of their father . During the trial Atticus presented strong arguments in front of jury in defense of Tom . Mayelle had most of the bruises on right cheek which could  be made by left hand but tom was crippled by left hand. Therefore as per the evidence Tom should have been aquitted . But even after considerable amount of deliberation Tom was pronounced guilty. Jem felt as if his belief in humanity and justice was shattered.

The story culminates with the thought that even if there are considerable differences and disparities prevailing in the society but law should treat everyone equally and racism should not affect the judgments because it is the sound judiciary which sets apart civilised society from the savage one .

Mocking bird is a creature which does not harms anyone and inspite of being innocent it is oppressed  by superior ones. Here Tom Robinson is mocking bird because he was convicted inspite of being innocentand having strong evidences supporting it . The story talks about insensitivity of people towards unjustified atrocities imposed on weaker section of society.

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