Reverting pessimism

12 Jun

Lot  is been happening around these days . Starting  with our economy.  Sensex & Nifty are dropping below psychologically important marks of 15000 & 4500 respectively and are expected to decline further. Inflation rate is well above 8 % and is expected to touch double digits soon . Also last week, there was unprecedented hike of 10 $ in oil prices per barrel . Our government is taking several steps to stablise the prices & inflation rate , but still the outcomes are not very impressive.

Coming to one more sensitive issue. Arushi murder case . Murder investigation has been turned into a popular soap  opera with news channels capitalising on it . A minor who is now dead is suffering repeated  character assasinations by police and media just for establishing a plausible motive for the murder  . I dont understand how can are law enforcing authorities completely oblivious of rights conferred by child rights convention  can make such insensitive inferences about character of a child who is no longer alive. How can public life of a victim  be made subject of public discussion ? The role of media & investigating agencies here needs to be carefully analysed.

After analysing two completely different issues of economic and social scenario of are country it seems a deep pessimism has engulfed us  . But still i hope that situation would improve in coming days as some one has truly said-

Life is so short and there is so much to do,

What if it was false, there is lot much which is true,

We shall be walking in sunshine ways,

One of these days.

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