Animal farm

11 Jun

So i have finally finished animal farm . So with this my mission to read  so called books of substance leaving aside Agatha Christie and James Hadley  has been finally embarked .  Thank you very much Ujjawal for the inspiration.

This book written in very simple style by George Orwell a democratic socialist is basically a satire on Russian leaders who under influence of western capitalist powers sold the very soul of socialism. i must mention that this book was chosen by times magazine as one of the best top 100 english language novels of this century . Orwell had hard time getting it published .

This novel describes how a group of animal drives out the human owner who used to exploit them and then they set up a commune in which all the animals are given equal status . But  disparities soon emerge among animals because of corrupt nature of their leader. This allegory symbolically describes how ideology of society is modified  by few who possess power to suit their needs . Most of the characters in the novel have striking resemblence to real political leaders of the world . For instance old major draws close inspiration from Karl Marx. Napoleon the dictator boar ,resembles Joseph stalin whose repression and despotism crossed all limits.

The novel conveys that the concentrated power in few hands tends to corrupt & absolute power means absolute corruption .

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