As a child

08 Jun

As a child i was always innocent and free,

As a child there were no worries to see,

As a child we were all together,

As a child i thought it would last forever,

As a child i learned from my mistakes,

But now i am an adult & realize that it was all fake.

Looking back at the twenty years of my life it seems to me that my childhood was the best part of my life .I was decent enough at my studies but i never considered myself as a part some sort of race or competition.I enjoyed learning though experience.Though i am not a bollywood freak but Taare zameen par was a movie which immensely influenced me when today every second movie is totally insipid .Though it pointed out a very small fragment of the problem .The whole picture needs to be carefully analyzed .

Children according to me are very genuine souls who are essentially compassionate , who are sometime slightly mislead but greatly misunderstood . Parents are sometimes too engrossed with their responsibilities , obligations & commitments that they forget to nourish the vital link connecting them with their child.

Today all parents want to send their children to cash enrichment courses as if they would cease to exist if they don’t make it to those premier institutes of education. Why not just let them follow their hearts and travel on roads which are less travelled. Even for the people who have reached such place aim at converting their degree into money generating machines . We rarely hear things like look i’m joining this institute to serve my country or satisfy my thirst for knowledge . Consequences are seen in school itself . Seeing the present scenario it seems like classroom is battlefield and learning is struggle rather than adventure. it seems someone has designed such system to ensure it failure.

Well, i am not kid anymore but still i  want to retain that purity and innocence and  survive in this wicked world. i want to jump in water puddles in rains without bothering about stains.


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2 responses to “As a child

  1. Siddharth

    September 6, 2008 at 12:12 am

    sounds idealist, but theres never any need to compete, especially for people in technology. a career in tech is all about creativity.

  2. kanikahanda

    September 6, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Thanks for your thoughts . I m not talking about any particular type of profession . But its just that i feel that very essence of education is lost when marks and ranks takes up the priority and ideas takes the backseat .


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